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All my pots, caps, switches and pre-wired harnesses are thoroughly tested and are in 100% good working condition prior to shipping out. I am not responsible for damage due to sloppy soldering or incorrect installation procedures. If you have a problem with your wiring harness please contact me and I will try and help you out. I stand by all my work and reserve the right to repair, replace or partially refund any of my products at my discretion. If you do not feel comfortable that you can do the wiring installation yourself then please take your guitar to a competent tech and have them do the work for you.

Build times for my pre-wired harnesses are currently around 7-10 business days
*Left Handed wiring available at no additional charge, contact me for more details 

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NEW for Fall 2014 JP Style Under the pick guard push button switches for Phase-Coil split and more. Call for prices, and availability 1-574-540-9777 or email me at Jonesyblues@yahoo.com
Above Pic: New under the pick guard mounted push button micro switches.
LEFT: Phase-Coil set-up  and on the RIGHT: Dual Coil Split for Neck & Bridge pickups.
See Video These take the place of push pull pots,  watch video below to see how the Phase-Coil buttons work. These can bee added to your existing wiring harness as long as you pickups have the 4 conductor pvc leads.
Below Video Demo: NEW Under the pick guard push button switches for Phase-Coil Split
Benefits to upgrading your guitars electronics
Stock guitar wiring is just not as good as it can be. Many times the pots, caps and switches are cheaply made import types and the modern wiring scheme tends to add even more muddiness to the circuit. I use the best CTS pots and Switchcraft switches and output jack as well as oil filled capacitors. Many people do not realize that all CTS pots are not made the same. Standard CTS pots may be 20-30% tolerance so a 500K pot may actually only read 450K or a 250K pot might read 180K. Many cheaper CTS pots have zinc threads and shafts and a thin silk screened track that tends to wear out quickly and cause problems.

I use the best CTS 500K 9% tol. pots built to 550K specs that actually read 520K-570K, and they have brass threads, brass shafts and carbon tracks just like the old school pots did. They also have a smooth Audio taper without the sudden drop from 10-8 that a lot of other pots have. The 250K  CTS pots I use are 9% tol. and built to 275K specs . The higher reading pots also add more clarity than the lower grade pots.

Along with 50's wiring to help retain the highs and oil filled capacitors which are warmer and smoother sounding my wiring harnesses do not choke off the highs or muddy up the sound of your guitar like the stock wiring does. Make sure to upgrade your guitar wiring before installing new pickups so you can really get the most out of them. Check out my Guestbook for comments from other people about their experience with my products and service. Feel free to call or email me with any questions you might have.

Thanks I appreciate your business,

Questions? Email to: Jonesyblues@yahoo.com Call or Text 1-574-540-9777
Didn't find what you were looking for? I build a lot of wiring harnesses for a variety of guitars not listed here at my website so contact me if you have a special project that needs new electronics.
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