​​​​Premium guitar electronics & PAF PICKUP upgrades for Gibson,                                      Fender, PLUS fUZZ GUITAR FX PEDAL 

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Jonesyblues Electric Guitar Wiring Les Paul SG 335 Strat Tele

The 59' Les Paul harness by Jonesyblues

*Finest CTS 550K audio taper pots 9% tol. super smooth taper no sudden drop from 10-8 like many other CTS pots.

*Luxe .022 genuine paper in oil Bumble Bee capacitors hand made in California USA on vintage equipment 

*50's wiring circuit to retain highs and clarity​ and reduce muddiness

*Vintage Specs built for your Historic R9 Les Paul or Burst

*Solid ground 18 awg wire and professional soldering

*Made with pride in the USA

BELOW: Quick video overview of one of my 21 tone Jimmy Page wiring harnesses and how to connect switch leads and pickups leads.

Jonesyblues "Often imitated, never duplicated"

Premium guitar electronics upgrades Made in the USA with over 40 years of experience

Greetings from Indiana!

I have over 40 years of experience with guitar electronics and started working on guitars in 1977. Upgrading your guitars electronics can make a huge difference in the way it sounds and the way the Volume & Tone pots respond. Stock wiring controls often choke off your guitar and make it sound muddy and lifeless. The CTS pots I use are the finest available and are not your average CTS pot. The 500K's are built to 550K specs and actually read 525K-570K and have a smooth audio taper. No sudden drop from 10-8 like many other pots. The CTS 250K I use are built to 275K specs an normally read 260K-275K where as an average 250K pots might only read 180K. The higher readings help reduce muddiness, and increase output and clarity.

I am currently shipping out premium guitar electronics and custom built pickups to over 20 countries around the world. My website charges domestic shipping rates to USA. If you live outside the US contact me for international shipping rates.

Feel free to give me a call anytime if you have a questions about what to order for your guitar project or if you need help installing your new wiring upgrades. You can also ship your guitar here to me and for a modest fee I can install your wiring and pickups for you. I also offer fretwork, level crown and polish. I can adjust the neck, Set-up your action intonation on your guitar as well as hardware and tuner upgrades. Contact me for more details.

I personally build and test each harness and make sure it is 100% working before it is shipped out. No refunds on used wiring harnesses. But I stand behind all my work. I allow exchange or store credit on unused wiring harnesses. Need some wiring for a special project? Just let me know.

NOTE: Left handed guitar wiring is also available at no extra charge.

Mobile: 1-574-540-9777   7am-9pm CST

(I also answer my phone on weekends)

EMAIL: Jonesyblues@yahoo.com

God Bless & Thanks for checking out my website,

David Jones

aka Jonesy

Gibson SG 335 Flying V
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Custom PAFs & Humbuckers Gibson Les Paul 1959
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Me and my Red Strat 1989 old band pic

What your Les Paul could sound like with my harness & pickups in it. Fully upgraded Gibson Les Paul with a 59' harness CTS550K pots, Luxe Bees and Kalamazoo PAFs

Guitar wiring PAFs Humbuckers Les Paul Strat Tele SG 335



​                            "Modern Approach to Vintage Tone"

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Electronics Upgrades for Fender & Gibson Guitars

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Gibson, Epiphone, guitar wiring, Les Paul, Bumble Bee Capacitors

The 59' is the Finest Harness Upgrade Available for your Historic R9 or Burst Les Paul 

Check out my eBay store for aged parts, vintage capacitors, hard to find wire and other DIY tone mods.

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