Premium Quality DIY Wiring kits, so you can have fun building your own wiring harness and save some cash!

Warranty & Return Policy: As with most electronics all sales are final. All my pots, caps, switches and pre-wired harnesses are thoroughly tested and are in 100% good working condition prior to shipping out. I am not responsible for damage due to sloppy soldering or incorrect installation procedures. If you have a problem with your wiring harness please contact me and I will try and help you out. I stand by all my work and reserve the right to repair, replace or partially refund any of my products at my discretion. If you do not feel comfortable that you can do the wiring installation yourself then please take your guitar to a competent tech and have them do the work for you.


Due to Increased Demand the DIY Wiring Kits are Temporarily Out of Stock
DIY Switch Wiring Kit
Type of Switch
Type of Wire
OUT of STOCK  Premium DIY 3 way LP style toggle switch kit, includes, switch, vintage or pvc coated wire, black pvc tube, output jack and wiring diagram. Below: Short nickel Switchcraft toggle with the vintage braided style wire.

Premium DIY Les Paul Harness Kit
Kit Options
Capacitor Options
Length of pots
OUT of STOCK DIY Les Paul harness kit, comes with the best CTS 550K pots and your choice of tone caps. Includes the solid 18 awg solid wire and wiring diagram

Les Paul Junior DIY Harness Kit
Capacitor Options
Wire & Jack
OUT of STOCK $50 Les Paul Junior DIY wiring kit, includes 2 of the best CTS 550K pots, your choice of tone cap, vintage braided wire, pvc tube and Switchcraft jack.

What can you expect from your New Wiring Upgrades?

Depending on what you start with and what you upgrade to you may notice the following changes after installing new pots, caps and wiring....

1. Less Mud and more Overall Clarity

2. Your Volume and Tone controls will work and roll-off  like they should
3. 50's wiring is very user friendly with tube amps and retains the highs
4. Modern wiring more compression and no vol. loss with tone control
5. Smoother overall Sound with less noise and hum
6. You will get the Best Tone from your pickups with quality wiring
7. Quieter trouble free switching, no cutting out or loss of output
8. No more crackling or humm from your faulty output jack

Not all CTS500K pots are made the same and many read well below 500K, the better 10% CT550K that I use all read between 525K-565K and
these pots will add a lot more clarity when used with humbuckers. The CTS550K also have a smooth custom taper.

If your original pots were getting scratchy sounding when you turn them, and cleaning them doesn't help the carbon track is probably wearing out. Replacing them with new CTS pots will take care of that problem. Is your 3 way toggle switch or output jack acting up and making noises or cutting out when you move it ba
ck and forth? A new Switchcraft 3 way toggle switch and jack will give you years of trouble free operation and solve a lot of frustration at gigs.

If you are planning on keeping your guitar, and are serious about Tone then I think it is well worth the time and money it takes to upgrade your wiring controls. If your pickups are the "Motor" then your wiring controls are your "Transmission" and your amp is the "Drive Train" they all work together so any weak links in the chain will effect everything else.

Didn't see what you were looking for?

I build custom wiring harnesses and can supply DIY wiring kits for all kinds of guitars besides what I have listed here on my website. So if you don't see what you are looking for please let me know. Chances are I can put something together that will work out great for your guitar.
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