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Above pic: Switchcraft toggle switch and output jack kit with creme tip (short toggle shown in pic) Gavitt vintage braided style wire, yellow cloth jumper wire to ground switch lug to wire and black pvc tube for out jack lead. Switchcraft has been the industry standard for over 50 years. Stock switch acting up? Replace that cheap import toggle switch with one of these and you will be glad you did.

CTS 500K 550K audio taper guitar pots
Metered and Matched CTS Potentiometers
Length of Pots

DIY Toggle switch kit, also includes #11 - 1/4" mono output jack and all the wire you need for vintage style switch runs. Wiring diagram is included and I offer tech support on these DIY kits.

Capacitor Options
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DIY guitar wiring CTS 550K pots .022 capacitors

Above Pic: CTS 550K Medium Torque Long shaft pots (3/4" long threads)

Above pic:  Long shaft CTS 550K medium torque pots, solid 18 awg ground wire and Mojo .022 Vitamin T Oil filled Tone caps

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DIY Guitar Wiring kits CTS pots, Switchcraft Switches & Mojo Tone Caps



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Switchcraft 3 way togle switch #11 mono jack


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Premium CTS 500K 9% tol. audio taper pots. Brass threads, brass shafts and carbon track. USA 24 fine spline shafts.

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Individual CTS 550K audio pots no caps or wire

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 Switchcraft switch and output  jack options

Premium Guitar Wiring & Guitar Pickups

CTS vintage taper pots 500K

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Above pic: Mojo Short shaft CTS 500K low torque dish back pots, solid 18 awg ground wire and Mojo .022 Vitamin T Oil filled Tone caps