Hand-wired on perf-board with NOS Russian transistor

NEW OG BOOSTER Germanium Boost Pedal

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NEW Hand wired Analog "SILICON OVER-DRIVE" In Stock Ready to Ship!


NEW 2019 Hand Wired Analog Late 1960's Style Germanium Boost Pedal

* Hand wired Old School Circuitry

* True Bypass with Bright Amber LED

​* NOS MP38A NPN Germanium Transistor

* 1590B Durable Metal Enclosure

* Genuine Switchcraft Jacks

* 500K Audio taper volume pot

* Pure Organic Analog Tone

* 9 Volt  Battery Operation 

​* Made in the U.S. A.

 Custom Analog Fuzz and Boost pedals by Jonesyblues           

                                 Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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 Silicon Analog 70's Style "Over-Drive"

       ***NOW ON SALE***

* Special circuit with upper mid boost

* NOS Motorola 2N2222 transistors

* 2 transistor NPN Analog circuitry

* True bypass mod 3pdt with LED

* Switchcraft 1/4" Jacks

* Hand wired on perfboard

* Easily Moddable

* Custom 1590BB Enclosure

* NPN with 9Volt battery power

* 500 audio pot for volume

* Vintage style Chicken head knob

* Made in U.S.A. Skull logo

* Limited run of 10 pedals (only 3 left)


Video demo of the Germanium OG Booster with a Fender Stratocaster (Califorina 50's pickups) into my 20 watt Marshall head and 2 x 12 cabinet with Celestion speakers.

More Fuzz and Boost pedal demos by Jonesyblues

I think this vintage style OG Booster is one of the best sounding Germanium Boost pedals that I have ever built. Tweaked a couple of the resistors and got a little more tone out of it. About +20db of Pure Analog Boost. Warm Ambience, Gritty Color and added Presence that you just can't get from your amp alone. Great for leads or chunky rhythm work and works well with other pedals. Sounds a lot like my Burnt Orange Boost pedal,(watch video below) maybe but a bit louder. Limited run of pedals, so get yours while supply lasts. Video Demo Coming Soon.1960's style pure Germanium Analog tone. Sounds great with my Marshall Origin 20H All my FX pedals ship out with a fresh 9 volt Energizer battery, ready for you to plug in and play.

White Silicon Overdrive Built in the U.S.A.

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​​​​Premium guitar electronics & PAF PICKUP upgrades for Gibson,                                      Fender, PLUS fUZZ GUITAR FX PEDAL 

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Picture Gallery of my Germanium FUZZ & BOOST Pedal Builds

More hand wired Germanium FUZZ & BOOST Pedals coming Soon!

Video demo of the OG Germanium Booster with my Gibson SG into a Marshall Origin 20 watt tube head and fender 2 x 12 cabinet with Celestion speakers.