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More Fuzz & Boost Pedals Coming Soon!

​         - Late Summer and Fall 2017 -

I am working on another batch of Germanium Boost pedals right now. Then I will be building some more Fuzz pedals. They will be listed on this page when they are ready for sale. Should have them done and listed here for sale sometime in August 2017

Limited Run Custom Boost Pedal

* Point to point hand wiring 22 awg wire

* NOS MP38A Germanium Transistor 

* Switchcraft Jacks

* Alpha 100K Audio pot

* 9 Volt battery operation

* My Tone shaper mod

* 1950 BB enclosure

* Warm Vocal Boost

* Black 3PDT Foot Switch

​* Chicken Head Volume Knob

​* True Bypass

* Red LED

* Made in U.S.A 

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"Bluester" Germanium NPN Boost Pedal

Hand Wired FUZZ & BOOST Pedals Coming Soon!

​                - Late Summer and Fall 2017 -

The "Bluester" boost is $125.00 usd Shipped to USA or $160 Shipped World Wide. Only 3 of these pedals are available (#002, #003, #004)  I am keeping #001 for myself. Very similar sound to my Burnt Orange Boost but I tweaked C1 and R2 to give this pedal a slight upper mid boost. Great for Rhythm, Lead or Slide guitar players that Love Old school Germanium Tone! Check out the Video demos below.

                  The "Bluester" copy right 2017 Jonesyblues

            More Fuzz & Boost Pedals Coming Soon!

​                     - Late Summer and Fall 2017 -

​           Stay tuned to this channel for more updates!

Contact me for more details or to "Pre-order" your Fx pedal

Back by Popular Demand my hand wired Fuzz and Boost pedals               Limited run built with NOS Germanium and Silicon Transistors.     

Call or Email me for more details: 1-540-574-9777 or

My Bluester Germanium boost pedals are all point to point wired by hand with 22 awg wire. NOS Germanium MP38A transistor, Switchcraft input and output jacks, Alpha 100K audio pot. Comes with a fresh Energizer 9 Volt battery already installed. Approximate 100-150 hour battery life due to low power consumption. (Unplug input when not in use)

The "Bluester" 1960's Style Germanium Boost Pedal by Jonesyblues

Hand Wired "Burnt Orange" Germanium Boost - Limited Run - SOLD OUT