NEW 2017 MSP harness with CTS500K push pull pots and Luxe .022 Bees (add $59 for Bees)

Above: My V/M wiring that allows you to select which circuit you want on neck or bridge. (50's or modern default)

LP Pro+ Dual Coil Split wiring harness 

Now comes with black molded CTS500K push pull pots as tone controls that split coil on neck and bridge pickups individually. Volume pots are the best CTS 550K wired 50's style to retain the highs. This harness now comes with the silver Mojo .022 oil filled tone caps oil cap's.

LP wiring harness with Black PIO .022 Vit. Q's

Switchcraft 3 way togglw switch #11 mono jack
Length of Pots & Capacitor Values
Default Setting for Push Pulls
Capacitor Option
CTS 500K DPDT Push Pull Pots Guitar
LP Pro+ Dual Coil Split - Length of Pots
Capacitor Options

The LP III wiring has 1 push pull that turns on the middle pickup at anytime and sends it straight to the output jack.

The MSP III has 3 push pulls. One that turns on the middle pickup NV, one for out of phase BT and one for series NT

Each harness has 2V 2T and 50's wiring to retain the highs. Switchcraft switch and jack sold separately.

Historic 1959 style Les Paul harness with LUXE .022 Paper in Oil Bumble Bee Capacitors​​

Above: Long Switchcraft nickel toggle switch

Premium LP JR harness $60 + shipping or Vintage style LP Jr. rig with LUXE .022 PIO Bumble Bee $90 (use drop down menu to select options) - comes with the best CTS 550K pots, wired 50's style with Mojo .022 Vit. T oil filled tone cap. Switchcraft 1/4" mono output jack included. Nice upgrade over the stock wiring, will help you get the most out the pickups you are using.

Length of Pots
Capacitor Options
Jonesybluues Guitar wiring

Video demo: Gibson Les Paul with my 59' Harness with CTS550K pots, Luxe Bees and a set of my Kalamazoo PAFs

Gibson Les Paul Junior guitar wiring

Above: The Paul or Firebrand drop in harness

Choose shaft length

Above Pic: Premium Jonesyblues Long shaft 50s style harness with the best CTS 550K Audio pots &  Mojo .022 Oil Filled Tone Capacitors

My most popular upgrade for Les Paul Style guitars. Replaces the muddy stock wiring with top of the line CTS 550K pots, 50's wiring and  Mojo .022 oil filled tone caps (silver colored metal case). This allows a lot of the sweet mids and highs to come through and your Volume and tone controls will be much more user friendly. Switchcraft switch and jack sold separately.

The Paul - Firebrand wiring harness 2V 2 T - Switch and jack
Capacitor Options

​            The 59' by Jonesyblues

My #1 Best Selling Historic style Les Paul harness

Use drop down menu to select options

Luxe .022 Bumble Bee Capacitors

LP wiring harness with Black PIO .022 Vit. Q's

Vintage - Modern LP wiring harness  - Allows you to switch between the 50's or modern wiring circuit (changes capacitor before or after the volume pot) You can order 50's or modern default (when pots are down is default) I use the best CTS 550K Audio pots for volume controls, CTS500K push pulls, 50's wiring circuit and Mojo .022 Vit. T oil filled tone caps

Lp Jr. harness with LUXE .022 PIO Bumble Bee tone cap

Jonesyblues USA Premium 50's style Les Paul Harness

      (CTS550K pots, Vit. T .022 oil filled tone caps)

General Rule: Good idea to look inside your guitar

Short shaft pots                         Long shaft pots

Pre-1977 Gibson                         Post 1977 Gibson

Historic R9                                 Traditional LP

Import LPs                                 Classic LP

LP Special                                 Standard LP

Flat top                                      Studio LP

ES335                                         Tribute LP

SG                                              AAA Top

NOTE: Short pots have 3/8" threads, long pots have 3/4" threads. Long pots are also mounted on a metal plate or PC board from factory. Long pots come double nutted and should mount directly into the wood cavity.Llong pots will also work in the import LPs with carved cap.

I DO NOT recommend the copper shielding.Good soldering skills and proper grounding is what you need for a quiet guitar.

Most wiring is custom built and normally ships out in 1-3 business days

CTS 550K Luxe .022 Bumble Bee Capacitors
Length of Pots
Capacitor Options

Add a pair of hand rolled LUXE .022 Paper in Oil Bumble Bee Capacitors to any LP, SG or 335 harness for $59.00

(Bees Not sold seperately, harness purchase required)

MSP Master Series Phase - wiring 6 different sounds

Les Paul Junior wiring

Premium 50's LP harness Mojo .022 caps

50's style Les Paul Guitar Wiring CTS 550K Pots
Length of Pots

Above: Bon Appetit' harness comparable to the wiriing that was in the AFD LP

7-10 day lead times on Les Paul wiring orders

Switchcraft 3 way toggle switch & output jack options for you Les Paul

Need some good sounding PAF style pickups? Give me a call I also offer some package deals on pickups and wiring. Ask me about my New "Kalamazoo" series of PAF's & T-top clones. Cell # 1-574-540-9777 or email

Perfect Upgrade for your Historic R9 or 59' LP build. Long shaft pots also available for Standard, Studio, Classic and Traditional LP's.

NEW for 2017 all MSP, JP rigs come with the best CTS500K full sized dpdt black push pull pots and PC board (I am no longer using the older style silver push pulls with smaller drum)

Slash Les Paul guitar wiring
Master Series Phase Guitar Wiring
Choose shaft length
Type of Potentiometers
Guitar wiring out of phase mod

Call or email me for a quote on PRS, LTD, ESP, Yamaha, Washburn or Ibanez wiring upgrades

Left handed wiring available at no extra charge, just let me know when you place order.

LP Jr. harness with Mojo .022 oil filled tone cap

Above: Short Switchcraft toggle switch

Coil splitting for electric guitar

The LP III gives you 6 sounds and the MSP III wiring gives you 13 sounds including out of phase, series and series out of phase. (watch video for MSP III demo) Use drop down menu to choose options.

*Also available for SG's Click Here to go to Page

Need a quote on some custom guitar wiring for PRS, Washburn, Ibanez or other guitars? Call 1-574-540-9777 or Email:

LP III & MSP III Wiring Options for 3 pickup Les Paul's & SGs

Luxe Capacitor Upgrade

*Finest CTS 550K audio taper pots 9% tol. super smooth taper no sudden drop from 10-8 like many other CTS pots.

*Luxe .022 genuine paper in oil Bumble Bee capacitors hand made in California USA on vintage equipment 

*50's wiring circuit to retain highs and clarity​ and reduce muddiness

*Vintage Specs built for your Historic R9 Les Paul or Bur

*Solid ground 18 awg wire and professional soldering

*Made with pride in the USA

MSP Master Series Phase by Jonesyblues

Switchcraft switch, Black pvc tube and output jack with braided leads 

Long nickel or gold toggle switch and jacks are also available. Long toggles come with vintage deep collar nut (bottom pic). Choice of creme, black or amber switch tip. *Use the drop down menu to select the type of switch you want.

Above: Long shaft MSP III wiring harness with 13 sounds, Mojo .022 Oil filled tone caps and 500K audio push pulls

(I am no longer using the silver push pull pots shown above)

Choose Length of Pots
Capacitor Options

​​​​Premium guitar electronics & PAF PICKUP upgrades for Gibson,                                      Fender, PLUS fUZZ GUITAR FX PEDAL 

Use PC or Laptop to order if you have issues with a mobile device

NEW The Paul - Firebrand Les Paul wiring harness 2 Volume 2 Tone Switchcraft right angle toggle switch and Switchcraft output jack. Comes with the best CTS 550K audio pots, Mojo .022 oil filled tone caps and 50's wiring circuit to retain highs. Drop in replacement harness for Gibson the Pauls and Firebrand LPs that will improve function and tone.

Length of Pots
Capacitor Options

Vintage style Les Paul Junior wiring

Above: LP Pro+ shown with NEW CTS 500K push pull pots in tone position and CTS 550K audio pots for volumes.

Bon Appetit' Harness: My tribute to the Kris Derrig Les Paul that Slash used on the GnR AFD album. Great option with high gain settings for smooth creamy leads and crunchy rhythm work. Will also produce fat, warm clean tones with the right amp. Comparable to the Seymour Duncan Slash A2 Pro set. Summer 2017 was the 30th anniversary of the AFD album release. Check out my Bon Appetit' A2 Humbuckers on my pickup page.

This harness comes with the best CTS 550K pots (your choice short or long) 50's wiring to retain highs, smooth NOS SBE 225P poly caps (these are not the typical harsher 715P orange drops) Nice alternative for Hard Rock & High gain players.

The MSP wiring has CTS 550k volume pots and 2 DPDT push pulls in the tone position. BT does Out of phase and NT does the Series mod. Together they do Series out of phase. Make sure you order a Switchcraft switch and jack because your stock toggle will not work with this MSP wiring. 4 con pvc pickup leads work best, braided leads need to be covered with shrink tube to prevent shorting.

Also available for SG on request.

Type of Switch
Type of Wire
Color Switch tip

Les Paul Wiring Options

Guitar wiring Luxe Bees Phase mod CTS