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Left handed wiring available at no extra charge. Just let me know when you place your order.

Hand Wound Black Guard Tele Pickups Made in USA

(Current lead times on pickups are only 1-2 weeks)

Above: Esquire wiring shown with one of my  "Brownie" .05 paper in oil reproduction Tone caps

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NEW Tall Tele Neck Pickup the  6.5K Alnico 5, 42 pe wire

Keef "Micawber" pickup set by Jonesy - FAT PAF Neck 42 awg plain enamel wire, 7.8K Alico 4 magnets, un-potted (no wax) - 1950B Bridge 43 awg plain enamel wire, 9.5K Alnico 3 magnets, wax potted.

Vintage series 1950-51' Broadcaster Blender wiring harness with my repro version of the "Brownie" tone cap. CTS 25)k audio pots built to 275 specs, 22 awg cloth covered wire, CRL switch with spring. Switchcraft output jack. Wiring diagram included.

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* CTS 500K pots

* Vit. T .022 oil filled capacitor

* Pigtails for pickup connections

* 50's wiring circuit to retain highs

* Your choice of 1 or 2 CTS push pull pots

* Brass pots sleeves for knobs with set screws

Drop down menu: Tele or Esquire wiring Options. CTS 250K audio pots built to 275K specs. CRL switch with spring, 22 awg cloth covered wire, Switchcraft output jack. Wiring diagram included.

NEW "Tapped" Hot Rod Bridge pickup & Tapped wiring harness for Telecaster or Esquire. Comes with CRL 3 way switch, CTS Vol. CTS Push Pull for tap in Tone position, includes Switchcraft output jack. 22 awg cloth covered wire and same quality build specs just like my other Tele rigs. This Tapped harness is to be used with my Tapped Hot Rod bridge pickup. Coil tap is not the same as coil split so be aware of that. The Tapped harness lets you switch from Full output and Tapped output out of the single coil bridge pickup (whatever wind strength and tap you have). This harness will work with other Tapped pickups that have 3 leads but will not work for coil splitting on Humbuckers. See Tele pro+ rig above for coil splitting options. Custom winds available, contact me for more information.

50's style Esquire wiring options (one pickup version)

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​              Blender Control Configuration

*Switch Functions (No tone control, only volume & blend)

*3 Forward: Fixed Bassy Neck pickup with Volume control

*2 Middle: Full Neck pickup with Volume control

*1 Back: Bridge pickup on with Volume and Neck Blender

​1950B HOT ROD Set

Over wound version of my 1950B Black guard pickups. Bridge pickup wound to 11k with 43 awg wire, Neck is wound to 8K for more drive and punch. Your choice of Alnico 3 or Alnico 5 magnets. The Hot Rod set will outshine many humbuckers and have them running for cover. *Also comes in a 3 wire "Tapped" version with selectable 8k or 11K output that can be activated by using push pull pot.

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Telecaster, Esquire & Broadcaster Wiring

Esquire Wiring Harness Functions

3 way switch gives you these options...

1. Bassy or Cocked wah tone

2. No Tone control

3. Tone control

​Volume pot works all the time

NEW Coming Soon! Tapped Hot Rod Bridge pickup with 11K or 8K output, 3 wire lead

NEW 2017 Tele Pro+ Dual Coil Split harness. 

NEW Tapped Hot Rod Bridge pickup

PAF Neck - 1950B Bridge
PAF Cover Options

All Tele wiring is custom built and normally ships out in 1-3 business days

1950B & 1952T Black guard pickups by Jonesyblues

Finest Recreation of the pickups used from 1950-1954 Comparable to the Original Fender pickups in the Esquire, Broadcaster, and Nocaster. Nitro coated bobbins. Neck pickup lacquer potted (no wax) 43 awg wire for both pickups. Clear, Fat, Punchy. Plenty of growl and crunch when used with a Marshall or Fuzz pedal. Sold individually or by the set. The 1950B are my personal favorites 7K Neck A3 & 9.5K Bridge with Alnico 3 magnets. They will cover anything from Cash to Led Zep. The 1952T is a lower wound set for those players that prefer that strength of Tele pickup. Custom winds available on request.

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1950B HOTROD Pickups Bridge 11K Neck 8K DC Res.

NEW Tapped Tele Bridge Pickup

Single Coil Wound with 2 available outputs: Full Strength and the "Tapped" lead. 

11K Full 8K Tapped - Custom

21K Full 11K Tapped - Super Hot

9.5K Full 6K Tapped - Vintage

43 awg wire on a nitro coated bobbin. Your choice of A3 or A5 Magnets and Flush or Staggered pole pieces. Custom winds are available. This pickup is designed to work with my NEW Coil Tapped Tele Harness (see details Below) Coil Tap (single coils) and Coil Split (humbuckers) are not the same thing.

"Micawber set" PAF Neck - 1950B Bridge

Esquire Wiring Options 1V 1T 3 way
Esquire Wiring Options 1V 1T 3 way

Above pic: 72' Telecaster reissue harness 2V 2T 3 way toggle + jack. Wired 50's circuit to retain highs as volumes are rolled down, CTS550K pots, .022 oil filled tone caps and vintage braided style wire, drops right in.

( I no longer use the blue capacitors shown, they were replaced with the silver Mojo .022 Vit. oil filled tone caps)

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Above pic: Premium Telecaster wiring harness. Post 67' CBS wiring circuit (modern) CTS 250K pots built to 275K specs, CRL switch, 22 awg cloth covered wire, Switchcraft jack.

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1950-51' Broadcaster Blender Wiring by Jonesyblues

Above: HH Tele Pro+ Dual coil split harness

Custom wiring for Esquire's and Tele's are available, contact me for more details.

Tele or Esquire Tapped-Wiring Harness
Telecaster or Esquire Circuit
Tone Cap Options
PAF Neck - 1950B Bridge
PAF Cover Options

NEW The Tall Tele neck Pickup

Built with longer magnets for a fuller more robust Strat like single coil sound.

*This Tall Neck pickup is comparable to the Fender "Twisted Tele" neck pickup.

Wound to 6.5K but with 42 awg wire this pickup has more output and a bigger sound than common Tele neck pickups. Great for Blues, Rock or Even Jazz. Warm cleans that are clear, plenty of growl when over-driven.

​​​​Premium guitar electronics & PAF PICKUP upgrades for Gibson,                                      Fender, PLUS fUZZ GUITAR FX PEDAL 

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72' Tele Reissue Harness

(50's wiring for less mudd)